About the Artist

Welcome! My name is Cameryn Lucia and I am the owner of Element Ceramics. I have always had a strong connection to nature, and when it comes to clay, nature is always present in some way, shape, or form. I use different colors, forms, and patterns that represent nature and put them onto the surfaces of my work in a visual and textural manner. 

The fact that I can take clay that came from the earth and make it into a functional piece of ceramic is fascinating to me and the time and care taken to make something handmade is very meaningful because of the thought, effort, and craft that goes into it. Handmade items have imperfections that leave behind the memories of making. Unlike something that is casted in a mold over and over, individually handmade ceramics show the craftsmanship of the artist unlike anything else. There is also a warmth and coziness present in handmade ceramics. My goal is to bring out feelings like these in the work that I make in more ways than just the handmade aspect itself. I want my work to remind people of things that they may have seen in nature and take them to those places where those memories and feelings reside. I also want people to be able to touch and feel the work to bring their experience with it to another level, an experience that involves more than just the visual aspect of looking. The area of bare clay at the bottom of my pieces shows what the unglazed clay looks and feels like. I believe this is helpful to elicit a conversation between the original form of the clay and the finished product that will wrap it all together.  Traditionally clay comes from the earth, water is in the clay and also aids in making the forms, and fire is used to finalize the pieces, taking all the water out of the clay and melting glazes onto the pieces to give them a finish so that can be used functionally or sculpturally. These are all elements that are essential to the process of making my pieces from start to finish.

Thank you for being here and supporting my small business!

Cameryn Lucia


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